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    There are several ways to sell a product or service, and there are numerous ways to set up a sales operation. We believe in our proven methods, to excel your revenue to the maximum. Engage your prospects, score new deals and repeat to win more business. Break up all sales processes into smaller chunks and scale them across your sales teams, to generate maximum revenue. Instead of having sales professionals working next to each other, it is better to have them working hand in hand together.


    We specialize in consulting companies setting up a super effective sales operation in Germany. Our core expertise lies in the strategy and execution of  revenue generating teams and organizations in country. Regardless of your current sales strategy and approach – direct sales, sales through partner, face-to-face on C-Level, or via telemarketing for SMBs – we identify the best strategy for your revenue generation in Germany.

Growing your business in Germany successfully, requires that many specialists work seamlessly together. A recruiting specialist is great in winning talent, but doesn’t know how to develop a talented sales rookie into a sales machine. A Sales Trainer can train and coach effectively, but is not accountable for revenue growth and retention. IGNITE is a team of specialists which bundles and streamlines tasks and experience – FOR YOUR SUCCESS.
Our Passion For Your Success

Ignite delivers your turnkey solution for entering Europe’s biggest single economy: Germany. We are looking into everything you need to consider when addressing German businesses, Corporates and SMBs alike. We develop a route to market for your business, keeping a strong focus on revenue generation and sales success.

For already established businesses, or for new to be established companies in Germany, Ignite helps identifying the pain points within their sales structure and teams. After an initial audit, Ignite will transform the sales team and revenue within a 6-12 month period.

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„Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to walk from here?“, Alice asked.
„That depends a good deal on where you want to get to“ said the cat.
„There are many path to follow.“
The key is to where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

Alice in Wonderland

Our Services For Your Success

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Plan Your Market Entry
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Initial Market Analysis & Market Entry Strategy

Identifying the market for the uniqueness of your business in regards to:

  • verticals – which verticals work best for your business, and how may German verticals differ in regards to regulations, legal restrictions, culture and market development.
  • prospects & partners – the value of your products and services depend on existing need and ROI. The perceived value of your proposition may vary, as the market might be at a different stage of development. Opportunity as an early mover may help you to secure strategic partnerships, while reducing risk. Direct sales efforts secure control over revenue generation, while keeping the finger on the pulse of the market.
  • competition – observing sales and service strategies of your competition in Germany, helps you to make smarter decisions on infrastructure and product offering.

Decision on key geolocation areas, with high ROI potential for your initial and ongoing investment

  • decision on market activity according to location of prospects or verticals
  • decision on location according to talent-, availability-, and compensation of people
  • decision on necessary steps to adapt your corporate culture into the regional culture of your desired location – if applicable
  • decision on a single German Headquarter or multiple small regional subsidiaries embedded into a European organization. We will examine Pro’s and Con’s to keep your processes lean and cost efficient
Creation of The Sales Process & Sales Controlling

Establishment of sales processes, telesales scripts and creation of the perfect face-to-face sales meeting

  • through segmentation of your target audience, target verticals and decision making management-level of your prospects, we will formalize the sales strategy and -processes, to meet your revenue objectives
  • establishment of proven sales methods, and corresponding KPIs
  • lead segmentation and categorizing
  • telesales strategy, includes scripting of pitch modules, objection handling and closing on next step objective
  • definition and creation of the perfect sales presentation, delivered face-to-face or through web meetings
  • creation of sales collateral and supporting materials
  • win new business through market engagement, keep won business through support- & account management. Determination on a lean service management structure, to meet revenue projections
  • compliment and support your sales efforts with a localized marketing strategy.  Localization of product and documentation, smart marketing automatization and lead generation.
Talent Acquisition & Training

Determination of an optimized recruitment- and sales performance strategy

  • how to attract the right talent in Germany – external vs. internal recruitment
  • sales Leadership – go local, or use internal resources
  • determine the right mix of compensation to win- and keep talent
  • how to lower risk of losing over-performer to the competition, as non-competes are difficult to execute
  • how to lower risk of getting stuck with under-performer, as German law is strict in protecting employees
  • creation of „cultural spirit“, changing from a procrastination- to a rocking sales environment
  • delivering group sales trainings, according to experience and knowledge of your sales professionals
  • „do as I show you“ opposing „do as I tell you“ hands on training on the sales floor and in sales meetings – accompanying sales professionals to sales meetings or live coaching on telesales meetings & live pitching
  • coaching one-on-one with sales professionals
  • bootcamp training to onboard new employees
  • leadership training for sales managers, directors and upper management
Execution of your Market Entry and /or Sales-, Talent Acquisition and Training Strategy

The turnkey solution to your revenue challenges in Germany. Ignite consulting will manage all aspects of getting your best possible sales results, igniting your business.

  • support setting up the legal entity of your subsidiary
  • support applying for state granted investment benefits (if applicable)
  • support of localization and translation of your contracts, terms and conditions
  • support and coordination of administrative tasks and services (bank accounts, tax etc).
  • examine and negotiate potential office locations for your new subsidiary
  • review and negotiation of essential infrastructure – telecommunication, internet, furniture, transportation
  • coordination and support setting up technical infrastructure
  • coordination of office setup until handover
  • Establishment of KPIs, processes, and hands on management of sales professionals
  • revenue generation for your business
  • coordination and acquisition of new sales professionals
  • coordination and support of recruitment of senior management
  • development and execution of sales training for new & existing German sellers
  • live coaching and during sales meeting and live pitching
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We, the consultants at Ignite, have worked with several US and UK businesses over the past 15 years, planning and executing their go-to-market strategies in Germany and across Europe. Over the years, we observed and learned not just best practice, but also identified the biggest roadblocks and hurdles, by reviewing false decisions and reasons for misjudgment. Over the years, we have developed our very unique training and coaching concepts, to transform sales people into sales rock stars. We discovered that in order to achieve the maximum, we needed to control or influence all parts of the sales organization, which always starts with talent acquisition. Attract the right people through communicated values and vision, and compensate them according to margins, market and performance; this is the cornerstone for everything to follow.

Throughout the years we reinvented telesales concepts, and incorporated web based presentations. We developed the „perfect sales meeting“, borrowing methods of neuro-linguistic programming and mixed them with unique questioning techniques.

Ignite is based in Berlin, Germany – but feels at home across all Europe. We focus on the German market and landscape, as it is biggest and most challenging international market in Europe to conquer.

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